Research Thrust Areas
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Research Thrust Areas

The faculty members for Research and Development activities are largely aligned with academic and industry needs. The University dwells in both the research areas: established and emerging; basic and applied.

Some of the major research areas of the school can be categorized as under:

1. AI for Health care
2. Data Analytics 
3. Cloud and Security Analysis

Data Science and Machine Learning
Areas of research: databases, data mining, data science, enterprise computing, machine learning, bioinformatics, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, data analytics.

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
Areas of research: Internet of things, Motion Planning, Computational Geometry, Computer assisted surgical and medical analysis, planning and monitoring and Unmanned Air Vehicles.

Information and System Security
Areas of research: Cryptography, network security, system security and privacy.

Parallel Computing and Networked System
Areas of research: Distributed systems, enterprise computing, high-performance computing, cloud computing, computer architecture, networks, internet architecture and operating systems.

Software Engineering
Areas of research: compilers, domain-specific languages, concurrency, performance  optimization, program synthesis, testing, tools and verification.

Visual Computing

Areas of research: animation, computer graphics, computer vision, game development, digital geometry processing, fabrication, human-computer interaction, imaging, video processing and visualization

Human-Computer Interaction
Areas of research: Assistive Technology, Brain Computer Interface, Human Factors Analysis, Sound & Audio Display and User-Interface Toolkits.