Non Teaching Staff

Administrative Staff

Sl. No. Name of the Staff Designation Mail
1 Mr. Partha Sarathi Mohapatra Sr. AO [email protected]
2 Ms. Kalyani Tripathy APO [email protected]
3 Ms. Shelly Suman Khuntia Executive [email protected]
4 Mr. Rahul Biswas Executive [email protected]
5 Mr. Vishwavijay Mahapatra Executive [email protected]
6 Mrs. Sujata Choudhury Executive Assistant [email protected]
7 Mr. Arun Kumar Dash Jr. Asst [email protected]
8 Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Dash Office Asst. [email protected]
9 Ms. Soumya Mohanty Office Asst. [email protected]
10 Mr. Debi Prasad Acharya Jr. Asst [email protected]
11 Mrs. Pravat Manjari Mohapatra Office Asst. [email protected]
12 Mr. Kanhu Charan Sethi Office Asst.Cum Data Entry Operator [email protected]
13 Mr. Harishchandra Panda Jr. Asst [email protected]
14 Mr. Dushashan Swain Sr. Supervisor NA
15 Mr. Ramesh Chandra Dhal Supervisor NA
16 Mrs. Tunalata Nayak Attendant NA
17 Mr. Mukesh Kumar Jena Attendant NA
18 Mr. Pramod Kumar Jena Attendant [email protected]
19 Mr. Prasant Kumar Sahu Attendant NA
20 Mr. Siddheswar Behera Attendant NA
21 Mr. Babuli Behera Attendant NA
22 Mr. Mahendra Kumar Das Attendant NA
23 Mr. Bijay Kumar Nayak Attendant NA
24 Mr. Narendra Rout Attendant NA

T & P Staff

Sl. No. Name of the Staff Designation Mail
1 Ms. Kukumina Kar ATPO [email protected]

Technical Staff

Sl. No. Name of the Staff Designation Mail
1 Mr. Krushna Chandra Tripathy Jr. Technical Superintendent [email protected]
2 Mr. Jitendra Chandra Mohapatra Sr. Technical Assistant [email protected]
3 Mr. Subhranshu Dash Sr. Technical Assistant [email protected]
4 Mr. Purnendu Kumar Roy Sr. Technical Assistant [email protected]
5 Mr. Ranjit Kumar Sahoo Technical Assistant [email protected]
6 Mr. Rajesh Kumar Nayak Technical Assistant [email protected]
7 Mrs. Manorama Choudhury Technical Assistant [email protected]
8 Mrs. Swayamprabha Panigrahy Technical Assistant [email protected]
9 Mr. Sivaram Ratha Technical Assistant [email protected]
10 Mr. Arun Kumar Sial Technical Assistant [email protected]
11 Mr. Alok Kumar Jena Technical Assistant [email protected]
12 Mr. Basudev Pradhan Technical Assistant [email protected]
13 Mr. T. Suresh Kumar Technical Assistant [email protected]
14 Mr. Biswa Ranjan Acharya Technical Assistant [email protected]
15 Mr. Bibhu Prasad Nanda Technical Assistant [email protected]
16 Mr. Prasanta Kumar Panda Technical Assistant [email protected]
17 Mr. Deepak Kumar Das Technical Assistant [email protected]
18 Mr. Rajeeb Kumar Jena Technical Assistant [email protected]
19 Mrs. Rajalakshmi Satapathy Technical Assistant [email protected]
20 Mr. Santosh Kumar Thatoi Technical Assistant [email protected]
21 Mr. Tushar Kanta Nayak Technical Assistant [email protected]
22 Mr. B. Pradeepta Kumar Patro Technical Assistant [email protected]
23 Mr. Rahul Sahoo Technical Assistant [email protected]
24 Mrs. Sthitaprangya Pradhan Technical Assistant [email protected]
25 Mr. Jitendra Send Technical Assistant [email protected]
26 Mrs. Saumyasree Debnath Technical Assistant [email protected]
27 Mr. Sarbeswar Mishra Technical Assistant [email protected]
28 Mr. Biraja Prasad Nayak Technical Assistant [email protected]
29 Mr. Pradyumna Kumar Sahoo Technical Assistant [email protected]


Sl. No. Name of the Staff Designation Mail
1 Mr. Manas Ranjan Acharya Assistant Manager Systems [email protected]
2 Mr. Jay Prakash Singh Graduate Engineer Trainee [email protected]

Library Staff

Sl. No. Name of the Staff Designation Mail
1 Dr. Bedadyuti Sahoo Dy. Librarian [email protected]
2 Mrs. Ipsita Das Asst. Librarian [email protected]
3 Mr. Pulak Ranjan Rath Asst. Librarian [email protected]
4 Mr.Shantanu Kumar Sahu Asst. Librarian [email protected]
5 Ms. Madhusmita Parida Lib. Assistant [email protected]
6 Mr. Pabitra Kumar Rana Supervisor [email protected]
7 Mr. Bata Krushna Das Attendant [email protected]
8 Mr. Hemanta Kumar Rout Attendant [email protected]
9 Mrs.Smruti Prava Sahoo Library Attendant [email protected]
10 Mrs. Amarabati Barik Library Attendant [email protected]
11 Mrs. Sarojini Sahoo Attendant [email protected]

Development Staff

Sl. No. Name of the Staff Designation Mail
1 Mr. Subrat Kumar Jena ADO [email protected]
2 Mr. Asit Mishra Electrician NA
3 Mr. Ashok Kumar Rout Supervisor NA
4 Mr. Tofan Kumar Jena Attendant NA
5 Mr. Ashok Kanhar Shuttle Driver NA

Teaching Assistant

Sl. No. Name of the Staff Designation Mail
1 Mr. Anshuman Pattanaik Ph. D. Scholar [email protected]
2 Mrs. Deeptibala Mishra Ph. D. Scholar [email protected]
3 Mr. Udit Narayan Kar Ph. D. Scholar [email protected]
4 Ms. Niharika Pujari Ph. D. Scholar [email protected]
5 Ms. Debolina Ghosh Ph. D. Scholar [email protected]
6 Mrs. Meena Moharana Ph. D. Scholar [email protected]
7 Ms. Lewlisa Saha Ph. D. Scholar [email protected]