Training and Faculty Development Programme

Academic Empowerment (Audit) 2022-23 conducted at School of Computer Engineering

Academic Empowerment (Audit) 2022-23 was conducted at School of Computer Engineering KIIT DU. on 21st – 23rd June 2023.  The aim of the Academic Empowerment is to review qualitative processes/measures for Vision, Mission, Program Educational Objectives(PEO),  Program Outcomes(PO),  Action taken report for last audit, Feedbacks analysis on teaching & learning as submitted by stakeholders, Course files (Theory/Practical/Sessional), Outcome based education (OBE), Activity Based Learning and action taken for improvement, Quality of question paper and action taken for improvement, Capstone projects, Identification of slow learners & Advanced learners and measures taken Institute-Industry Engagement Activities, Strategic documents, Best practices etc.

For the School of Computer Engineering, the academic audit was conducted by an expert committee of Prof. Arun Kumar Majumdar, Emeritus Professor, JIS University, Kolkata, and Prof. Chittaranjan Mandal, IIT Kharagpur. The committee conducted review of course files, examination process, R&D activities and projects. They also visited different blocks of the School and interacted with the faculty members.

5-day FDP conducted by School of Computer Engineering

School of Computer Engineering organized a 5-day Faculty Development Programme (FDP 2021) on the Niche area “AI and Deep Learning + Compiler front end and back end” from 21st to 25th June, 2021. Each day had 3 sessions by renowned academic and industry experts on various topics. Prof. Subhojit Roy (IIT Kanpur) discussed compiler pipelines and research directions. He also covered AI search algorithms and reinforcement learning. Prof. Biplab Banerjee (IIT Bombay) gave elaborate explanations of image processing, convolutional neural networks, and generative deep learning. Prof. Shivshankar B. Nair (IIT Guwahati) detailed the area of Nature-Inspired AI, Prof. P.K. Das (IIT Guwahati) demonstrated the scope and complexities of Speech Processing, and Dr. Anjaneyulu Pasala (Circle Square Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) provided an insight into Prevention of Zeroth Day attacks using advanced AI techniques.
Sessions were also conducted by senior faculties of the School. Prof. Biswajit Sahoo gave lucid explanations of P,NP, NP-Complete and NP-Hard problems with examples. Prof. Amulya Ratna Swain explored the depth of pointers in C programming. Prof. Prasant Kumar Pattnaik delivered a talk on idea generation and innovation to IPR during the valedictory session on 26th June.

The FDP had 170 participants from within and outside KIIT. The sessions were interactive and informative. The participants provided extremely positive feedback for all the sessions. The sessions were coordinated by Prof. Chittaranjan Pradhan, Prof. Bindu Agarwalla, Prof. Lipika Dewangan and Prof. Santwana Sagnika.