Yuthika Khedwal
JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Experience: During my placement, I had the privilege to work with a talented team at JPMorgan Chase. The hands-on experience and exposure to real-world projects allowed me to apply my knowledge gained from the School of Computer Engineering. I am grateful to the faculty and the placement cell for their guidance and support throughout the process.

In addition to my personal experience, I believe that the School of Computer Engineering at KIIT has been instrumental in shaping my career. The comprehensive curriculum, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and dedicated faculty members have fostered a conducive learning environment. I am proud to be associated with KIIT, which has provided me with abundant opportunities for growth and development.

I kindly request you to convey the sincere gratitude from my parents as well. Their unwavering support and encouragement have been invaluable in my educational journey. They view the School of Computer Engineering and KIIT as institutions that prioritize holistic development, providing a strong foundation for students to excel in their chosen fields.

Once again, I express my gratitude for considering me for this feature. It is an honor to be a part of the School's success story, and I hope my experience inspires future students at KIIT.

Avaneesh Om

KIIT University is a place where you can find an amalgamation of learning. I feel great studying at KIIT University as it gives great opportunity as well as support from faculties and placement officers.".

Higher Studies:- Selected for Mtech in CSE from IIT, Hyderabad.

CME Group
Applied Materials

Abhaya Goel
Tata Digital as a Software Developer

I ve been placed at Tata Digital as a Software Developer. My experience during the placement process was excellent. The placement cell and the faculty members were incredibly supportive and gave us various opportunities to prepare ourselves for the interviews. I am grateful to the entire team for guiding me throughout the placement process.

I would also like to express my gratitude towards the School of Computer Engineering and KIIT. The faculty members were knowledgeable and supportive throughout my department, and I am grateful for their guidance. The infrastructure and facilities provided by KIIT are excellent and helped my overall development. I feel proud to be an alumnus of KIIT and would recommend the institution to anyone looking for quality education.

As for my parents, they are delighted with my placement and proud of my achievement. They are grateful to the School and KIIT for providing me with the proper education and opportunities to achieve my goals.

Thank you once again for considering me for the feature, and I look forward to contributing to the School's legacy in the future.

Sushant Sahu

I would like to take a moment to express my gratitude for all the help and support you have provided during my placement process. Your guidance, encouragement, and resources have been invaluable in helping me secure a placement in my desired field of study. From conducting mock interviews to providing feedback on my resume and cover letter, your team has been instrumental in preparing me for the placement process.

Thanks to your efforts, I was able to secure a placement that aligns perfectly with my career goals and aspirations. I appreciate the time and effort you invested in helping me and other students achieve our goals. Your dedication to helping students succeed is truly commendable, and I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with such a supportive team.

Once again, thank you for your invaluable help and support throughout the placement process.

Pranav Jain
SAP Labs

KIIT TnP has made a significant contribution to my academic and interpersonal growth. Thanks to the support of both faculty and management for making my experience awesome.

Nidhi Kumar
Texas Instruments

My time at KIIT was a mix of enjoyment, learning, and growth. Grateful to the mentors and guides for inspiring me.

Sibashis Bishi

My experience at KIIT has taught me one most rudimentary thing – life is unpredictable and a perfect mix of joy and hardships. KIIT is completely aligned in its mission of imparting value-based quality education.

Trilok Bhattacharya

Over the years in KIIT, I've formed true friendships and created many memories. Grateful to the knowledgeable and supportive professors who helped me realize my goals.

SAP labs

At KIIT, you get the ability to lead, compete, explore and develop.

Vivaswan Buchchan
SAP Labs

I am grateful for the University's assistance in preparing for all situations. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to KIIT TnP for creating many avenues and opportunities and keeping us motivated even during the pandemic.

Rajatav Dutta
SAP Labs

KIIT focuses both on academics and extracurricular activities. Grateful for the guidance provided from all angles.

Nischay Karn Gupta
SAP Labs

Always a delight to share my journey at KIIT. I followed the guidance of my mentors and hence was able to crack one of my dream companies.

Pallab Nag

KIIT Training & Placement cell helped a lot in grooming my technical & professional skills.

Saurabh Kumar Singh
Autodesk India Pvt. Ltd.

The exposure and learning environment I experienced at KIIT really helped me grow intellectually and socially. The world class facilities here just adds to the impeccable culture.

Debojyoti Ghosal
ZS Associates

My memories in KIIT have been great. Education and exposure here would help immensely in my career.

Udhav Anand
ZS Associates

KIIT aided me in my overall growth. The TnP department provided me with all the requisite skills and training.

Shivam Basia
ZS Associates

KIIT prepared me for the challenges that awaits me in corporate life

Srinjoy Santra

KIIT provides ample opportunities to explore and thrive in a competitive world. T&P's guided approach and constructive reinforcement helps a lot

Rani Priya

KIIT helped me grow socially, academically & professionally. It helped me realise my potential and work on skills.

Aritra Dey

Grateful to KIIT for the experience and amazing cooperation from the professors. A special thanks to the supportive mentors who helped us in dealing with interviews.

Manoranjan Maharana

KIIT gave me the challenges and exposure that helped me to enhance my skills. It is a river full of wisdom, crossing which one can achieve a bright future.

Dhirendra Chaudhary

KIIT reinforced in me a work ethic that set me up for success. Proud to be part of this University.

Manish Kumar
A Siemens Business

The close knit learning environment, support from Faculty to Training and Placement cell - all helped to get my dream job. A big Thank You.

Megha Sinha
Synopsys Inc

My school and the University provided plenty of opportunities to explore and nurture my skills and talent. Support of faculty, T&P all helped me to achieve my goals.

Samarendra Chandan Bindu Dash

Faculty at my school are extremely supportive and I always looked up to them for guidance

Dikshant Divyadarshan

I learnt a lot during my stint. Dynamic faculty and supportive peers helped me get my dream job.

Harshit Dang

My school provided me a great platform for learning and enriching my knowledge. Helped me immensely during my placement process.


I am truly inspired by the ecosystem of my school. The faculty, staff and everyone around makes life seamless here.

Priya Parashar

I will always be indebted to my school for all the exposure I got here. With a plethora of technical and non-technical events round the year, it helped me grow holistically.

Neeti Priya Sinha

I expected my engineering course to equip me with necessary skills and technical knowledge. That's exactly what I got and am happy I chose KIIT for my graduation.

Digbalaya Rout
IBS Software

KIIT is a place where I found an amalgamation of learning and life experience. Will always be grateful for what I have received and achieved from here.

Avik Sengupta
CGI Technologie

I thank my school and its faculty members for encouraging me to think holistically. I am grateful of the support provided by the University for shaping my career and getting me placed in such a big MNC.

Smruti Rekha Mohanty
Ericsson India Pvt. Ltd

I was always awed by the World Class infrastructure of my school. Thanking all the Faculty who helped me in during my stint here.

Nitisha Kanungo

I was fortunate to be a part of the School of Computer Science, KIIT DU. Grateful to all the faculty, each department for their support and the opportunities provided.

Saikh Parvez Aslam
IT Branch(2017 Passout)

Thankful to KIIT for providing a platform to enhance my skills and an opportunity to showcase them.

Utkarsh Bhardwaj

KIIT has been an elixir of change for me. Thankful to the esteemed faculty who made me capable enough to go through any amount of academic rigor.

Baidehi Ghosh
HighRadius Technologies

Happy with the decision to study at KIIT where I gained knowledge, also began my career in a sector of my choice.

Prateekshya Mohanty
HighRadius Technologies

KIIT played an incredible role in shaping my career. If you want to stand out of the crowd and be a leader, KIIT is the place to be in.

Anujeet Chatterjee
VMware, Inc.

Proud to be a KIIT alumnus and its numerous faculty who have shaped my career and the person I am today.

Anil Kumar

The brand and trust that KIIT has set up in Global Market is the reason behind top notch companies to try on.

Aprajita Singh
HighRadius Corporation

KIIT University played a strong role in fulfilling my dreams. My appreciation and thanks goes out to all the faculty who helped me prepare for every situation

Dr. Subhadarsini Parida
Researcher, Curtin University, Australia (CSE 2007-2011)

"As an academic, I have exposure to many reputed universities across the globe. I can proudly say that the School of Computer Engineering provided an infrastructure of international standards and faculty of the highest calibre for a rich student experience."

Amir Ansari
Senior Software Developer UST Global (Malaysia) (2010-14 batch)

School of Computer Engineering, KIIT played a strong role in fulfilling my dream and helped me to achieve my goal. I am thankful to the school and it’s supportive faculty.

Shubham Chaudhary

KIIT fostered a philosophy of success and always strived for the pursuit of perfection.

Misha Bharti
CSCE (2019-2023)

Place to pursue dreams, follow your passion. I am thankful to KIIT and its supportive faculty who are helped me to get the be