Achievement of the School

Ratnadeep Saha – 2017 east zone Inter-University semi-finalist (table tennis), qualified for all India Inter-University zonals (table tennis)

Manodipta Nath – Book published named ALL OF ME, Writeragram publications, 2019, available on Amazon / Flipkart

Komal Yadav – Scholarship for Scoring Highest CGPA in my 1st and 2nd semester,2016-2017,KIIT University

Shubham Kumar – Published research paper: Colour image encryption using 4d logistic map. Published in springer, presented in ICCAN 2019

Nidhi Bhattacherjee –

1) Quillorama, Individual, 2019, 2nd Prize, Wordsmith/ The Write Order, School of Mechanical Engineering (KIIT)

2) Technical Research Paper Published, Individual, 2020, “A Big Data Architecture for Healthcare”, IJESRT, 9(4), April 2020, International Journal of Engineering Sciences and Research Technology, ISSN: 2277-9655

Prerna Kumari – 2nd position in Group Dance, Korus Week, KIIT

Kazi Abul Sayed - Quarter finalists of KIIT futsal-2018

Kazi Abul Sayed – Quarter finalists of KIIT futsal-2018
Kipsta Decathalon -Quarter finalists

First years cup-Runners up.


Rupam Patra – 1st position (group) in Kostumbre event of Kritarth 5.0, 2019

Rudra Nayaran Mishra –Winners (group), PSI PHI Hackathon, Innovasion, NIT Rourkela, 2019

Shubham Verma – Medal for completion of marathon of 21.7KM, TATA marathon, Kalinga stadium, 2020

Pulkit Joshi – 3rd position in East Zone University Nationals (Kho Kho) – 2019 and 4th position in the year 2018 representing KIIT University. Qualified for and played All India Kho Kho Nationals 2018(held in Mumbai) and 2019(held in Bangalore) representing KIIT.

Pratyush Kumar, Debraj Sengupta – 3rd rank (group), 3rd Technovision a satellite event of ICDCIT organized by KIIT-DU, 2019.

Deepak Kumar Yadav –
1st position, 3rd Technovision 2019 (Group event)
2. 1st Runners up, 9th Project Innovation Contest 2020

Souvik Mukhopadhyay – 2nd place in kiitfest Fifa20 tourney

1) Manoranjan Maharana, Utkarsh Dixit, Rudra Narayan Mishra, Yash Shukla – 1st rank, Psi phi hackathon, 2019, NIT Rourkela
2) Manoranjan Maharana, Utkarsh Dixit, Ritesh Mishra, Shreenkhla Verma – Winners, Dell Hack.2.Hire Hackathon, 2019-20, KIIT

Ashutosh Barik – Republic day camp 2019 at delhi and 2nd Best cadet from Odisha under NCC (National cadet corps).

Rahul Anand – Founder & CEO, EduFlick, The IndianPreneur, 2017 & 2018, EduFlick was an Ed-Tech startup & The IndianPreneur is India’s fastest growing portal for startups & Entrepreneurs.

Research paper titled “Android Application Success Prediction and Review Analysis” published by Pranav Jain, Rituraj Saha and Ritam Barik in 2020, Computer society of India.

Aftab Hussain – IIT Sports Fest 18, BGU Sports Fest Football Winners -16,17,18,19.

Kazi Abul Sayed - Quarter finalists of KIIT futsal-2018

Sourav Rout –
1. Founder and CEO, ReadyGo Cabs. Felicitated in Odisha Startup Summit 2018 for the tremendous service and innovation of ReadyGo Cabs.
2.Bringing Hult Prize(a community that runs in partnership with the United Nations) to KIIT in the year of 2020.
3. Mentor of Bhubaneswar StartUps, a community of entrepreneurs.

Semi finalists in KPMG INNOVATION AND COLLABORATION CHALLENGE (KICC-2020) – Aliviya Saha, Shreya Srivastava and Sourav Gorai.

Shubham Chaudhary – ACM ICPC Regionalist, Group (3 members), Dec 2019, Qualified for the ACM ICPC Amritapuri Regional

Aditya Atmakuri –
1. Released my first novel ‘With Love Ralph’ on 15th January 2019.  Released my second novel ‘With Love Ralph Part 2’ on 12th January 2020.
2. Secured the second position in the Korus Week 2019 Band Competition. Our album which comprises of ten original self-composed songs is set to be released in June this year (Produced by Maestro Studio Labs and available on Spotify).
3. Worked on an independent short film ‘Bhram’ in the KIIT premises. The script and screenplay was shortlisted in the 2020 Signature Masterclass Screenplay competition.

Meet K Shah – Regional Vice President, B2C & Marketing, 2020, AIESEC, Bhubaneswar

Gourav Dutta –

  1. Best Delegate in KIIT MUN 2019.
  2. Special Mention in Ravenshaw MUN 2018.

Vaibhav Jaipuria –

  1. Runner up (rocket singh, kritarth 2017), special mention RUMUN 17, best delegation IPCC, SOA MUN 2017.
  2. FOUNDER (KOUNSEL-youth organization currently working with KSAC against drug addiction and depression, anxieties and self motivation in students)
  3. Best presenter and influencer -young india challenge BY YOUTH FOR SUSTAINIBILITY, 2019-20, BBSR

Gourav Dutta –

  1. Best Delegate in KIIT MUN 2019.
  2. Special Mention in Ravenshaw MUN 2018.

Shourya Arya – Member of India’s biggest whistling society, IWA
(Indian Whistlers Association).

Praloy Patra –
1.Winners (Group), Rangbhoomi, IIIT Bhubaneswar Theatre Competition, 2020, Goonj-TRB, Bhubaneswar
2.Winners (Group), IIIT Bhubaneswar street play competition, 2020, Goonj-Trb, Bhubaneswar
3.Runners up (Group), SSU street play competition, 2020, Goonj-TRB, Cuttack
4. Winners and runners up (Group), KIIT Fest Rangmanch, 2020, Goonj-trb, Bhubaneswar
5. 2nd runners up, Spring Fest,IIT KGP I ME AND MYSELF, 2020, Kharagpur

Selected in top 30 projects at KPIT sparkle 2020, Pune.

– Akashika,Ayush Khandai, Apurva Paul, Abhigyan Ray and Mayank Singh.

Selected in top 30 projects at KPIT sparkle 2020, Pune.

– Akashika,Ayush Khandai, Apurva Paul, Abhigyan Ray and Mayank Singh.

Satyam Nayak, Arpit Madhav Dubey Aachman Srivastava –

Started e-commerce company, launched in March 2020, Android App on playstore, Doorvey (Raspalt solutions pvt ltd)

Kshama Singh, Shubham Prabhat, Shakeb Ameen and Stephen Masih – Winners of Smart Odisha Hackathon under Open Innovation Category, Group, 2018

Aakash Kumar Dash, Deepak Kumar Yadav, Niyati Sinha –

  1. 1st position in 3rd Technovision, 2019.
    2. 2nd position in 9th PIC(16th ICDCIT),held in 2020.

Ankita Sahoo, Devansh Kashyap, Harsh Dixit, Aastha Sharma, Aman Pratap Singh, Urvi Malhotra, Kumar Rohit and Areej Badoor – Winners, March the Revolt(Fashion Show), Kolosseum, 2020

Shreyashi Das – Published Research paper titled “A Survey on Autism Spectrum Disorder in Biomedical Domain”,  ETAEERE 2020

Deep Gaurav Singh –

1) 3rd position in Basketball Tournament, BGU Inter-University Sports Fest, 2020.

2) 1st position in basketball at Silicon inter-college sports fest.

Prithvi Raj –

1) Winner- Founder’s cup, 2020, KIIT
2) Merit of Leadership- BGU MUN, 2018, Top leader of the youth parliament, Birla Global University(BGU), BGU
3)Winner- NCircled, Group(Kartavya), 2020, IIT Bhubaneswar- Alma Fiesta, IIT Bhubaneswar
4)Runners Up- Dekh Tamasha Dekh, Group(Kartavya), 2019, KIIT Fest.

Ashmita De

  1. KIIT Merit Scholarship, 2019, for Securing 1st Position
  2. Short Story got published in the Book “Reverie” by The Write Order Publications

Priyanka – 3rd place in Quillorama, KIIT Wordsmith, 2019.

3rd place in Quillorama, KIIT Wordsmith, 2019.

Animesh Samantaray – Official point of contact and authorized representative for GOOGLE CROWDSOURCE in Odisha, India. Conducted events in 32 colleges.

Ritvik Gaur – 1-Pitching my own Indian startup Idea in Singapore Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Singapore, 2019
2-Invited for a meeting regarding startup in “High Commission of India” , Singapore, 2019

Satabdi Tanaya – Selected as ETcampus Star, Economic Times, 2020

Sushant Shukla – 1.Runners-up (Group), Innovation Challenge, KIITFEST 2019
2. Runners-up (Group), AR/VR Hackathon VARCoE, IIT BHUBANESHWAR, 2020

Sandeepan Mahapatra – 2nd Runners Up (Group), BGU Inter-University Basketball Tournament, 2020, Birla Global University.

Ayushi Sureka – Created COVID – 19 Fundraiser of Rs 60,000/-, provided meals to 200 workers in Kolkata, contributed to “Yuwa for prosperity” campaign

Ashwi Priyadarshi – 2nd, Modelling, KIITFEST 4.0 and KIITFEST 5.0.
1st, Modelling, Kritarth 2017
2nd, Modelling, Kritarth 2019.

Soumyadev Mukherjee –

Zone Topper in Visharad, 2019, Third position in Eastern Zone in Recitation, Pracheen Kala Kendra.

Shourjo Sett – Gold Medal in 13th Senior National Kickboxing Championship organized by Kickboxing Federation of India, Nashik, Maharashtra

Ishani Sengupta –

Published a paper titled “Face Detection : An Effort to Accomplish an Analysis in the Archaeological Field” in ETAEERE-2020, KIIT

Karuna Kumari – BEST CADET SW ARMY, National Cadet Corps – IGC NCC Camp, Bhubaneswar, 2019

Abhisek Das, Anurag Chakraborty, Sudeshna Dutta, Anshul Jain, Aniket Ghosh, Kumar Kartikey –   1. Winners of Rockathon at Advaita, IIIT Bhubaneshwar, 2020.
2. Runners up of War of Bands at Kolosseum, KSOM, Bhubaneshwar, 2020.

Aayush Kumar –

1- Selected as a delegate for Community based Healthcare solutions track to attend the Design, Technology and Social Innovation Workshop-2020 organised by MIT and Harvard University under MIT India Initiative at Mumbai.
2- Selected to participate in the APIA International Innovation Accelerator Camp in Beijing, from July 21 to August 2, 2019 at Beijing, China.
3. Founder of ZYIK.ML with Sanat B Singh, an AI based computer aided diagnostic system for disease diagnosis ranging from malaria, skin cancer , anti-cruciate ligament tear classifier to X-ray diagnosis.

  1. Sudhanshu Kumar, Shubham Verma, Murli Jha and Kunal Pandey – Winners, Technovision, KIIT, 2018
  2. Sudhanshu Kumar, Shubham Verma and Murli Jha – 2nd Runners Up, 8th PIC-15th ICDCIT, KIIT, 2019
  3. Sudhanshu Kumar and Shubham Verma – 1st Runners Up, MIRROR MAZE – KIIT FEST 5.0, 2019
  4. Sudhanshu Kumar, Tipesh Taunk – 1st Runners Up, LINE FOLLOWER – KRS EVENT, KIIT, 2019
  5. Sudhanshu Kumar – 2nd Runners Up, DRIOD TROPPER & ROBOTIVATE – PANTHEON, INDIVIDUAL, BIT Mesra, 2019
  6. Sudhanshu Kumar and Tipesh Taunk – Winner, MIRROR MAZE – KIIT FEST 6.0, 2019
  7. Sudhanshu Kumar, Vandana Shekhar, Raushan Kumar, Rajdeep Das, Utsav and Navdeep Kumar – Winners, ROBOWAR – KIIT FEST 6.0, 2019
  8. Sudhanshu Kumar, Vandana Shekhar, Raushan Kumar, Rajdeep Das, Utsav and Navdeep Kumar – 1st Runners Up, ROBOWAR – WISSENAIRE’20, 2020

Aishwarya Sahu, Abhishikta Nayak, Adrija Dey, Aeindrilla Banerjee, Amanjeet Singh, Ankita Rout, Anuradha Mondal, Meghna Borgohain, Piyush Kumar, Sakshi Sinha –

    1. Runners up, Dance, XIMB Xpression 2018
    2. Winners, Dance, Zara Nachke Dikha KIIT Fest 5.0, 2018
    3. Winners, Dance, Zara Nacke Dikha KIIT Fest 6.0, 2019

Deeksha, Ashish, Tahreem, Harshit, Hritik, Utkarsh, Sarswat, Priyanshi, Kaumudi, Sansriti, Shradha, Roshika, Vishal –

1.WINNER at IIIT BBSR THEATRE, (Team Goonj), 2020, IIIT Bhubaneshwar
2.WINNER at IIIT BBSR NUKKAD, (Team Goonj), 2020, IIIT Bhubaneshwar
3.RUNNER UP at KIITFEST6.0 theatre, (Team Goonj), 2019, KIIT Bhubaneshwar
4.RUNNER UP at SSU BBSR ,(Team Goonj)), 2019, SSU Bhubaneshwar
5.WINNER at CHIMERA NUKKAD ,(Team Goonj), 2019, KIIT Bhubaneshwar
6.RUNNER UP at KRITARTH(KGT) , (Team Goonj), 2019, KIIT Bhubaneshwar

Mohit Kumar Paswan –

1) National Award for the Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (Divyangjan) 2018, by Honourable Vice President of India
2) Upcoming Sports Talent Award 2019, by Nalco, 2019
3) 3rd Social Impact Awards 2020, WE4YOU – Rotary Club ,Bhubaneswar
4) Felicitated by KIIT, 70th Republic Day on 26th January 2019
5) Won prizes in various national and international shooting championships, like National Shooting Championship, Surendra Singh Memorial Shooting Championship, All India Inter University Championship, Talcher Rifle Club 55th Annual Shooting Championship, Odisha State Shooting Championship, Shooting Premier League Gun For Glory, Lakshya Odisha Shooting Championship, India G.V. Mavalankar Shooting Championship, East Zone Shooting Championship and Open Inter Club Shooting Championship

Dipyaman Saha –

  1. Published a paper titled “MLAI: An Integrated Automated Software Platform to solve Machine Learning Platform Problems” in (ETAEERE), Springer, KIIT, 2020
    2. Winner, Lake Side Dreams (Solo Singing), Spring Fest 2019, 2019, IIT-KGP.
    3. Winner, Goonj, Western Xtravaganza (Solo Singing), Xpressions 2019,2019, XIMB.
    4. Winner, Xymphony, Western (Solo Singing) – Xuphoria 2020, XUB.
    5. Winner, Acoustica (Group), Advaita 2020, IIIT-BBSR.
    6. Runner-up, Duet Singing – Spectrum 2019, NIFT-BBSR.
    7. Runner-up, Duet Singing – Spectrum 2020, NIFT-BBSR.
    8. Runner-up, Lake Side Dreams (Group) – Spring Fest 2020, IIT-KGP.
    9. Runner-up, War of Bands – Spectrum 2020,NIFT-BBSR.
Student Name Achievement details
Abhinandan Purkait First Prize in Virtual Codechef COVID-19 Hackathon
Adarsh Pandit Ed-cil Compex scholarship by Indian Embassy, 2016-2020
Abhishek Samanta 1. Published in Pattern Recognition Letters, an SCI Indexed Journal, 2020.
2. Co-Founded a startup in 2019.
Shivam Dwivedi Rank 1, KIIT FEST (DO I LIE)
Jeevan Jyoti Das Selected for ET Campus stars 2019-20, organised by Economic times
Soumya Sekhar Behera 1st prize, Makovation 2.0 conducted by KIIT e- cell
Kanha Jaiswal 1)KGT, group,2019, 1st pos, KIIT
2)NUKKKAD,group,2018,1st pos IIT BBSR
3) NUKKAD,group,2018,1st pos IIIT BBSR
Anuradha Choudhury Special mention award, Open Mic by Udaan, 2018.
Surabhi Mitra PM Trophy Merit, 2019,under SAIL scholarship for students
Om Prakash Kumar 1st Prize in Rocket Singh, KIIT Fest
Aditi Agrawal 1.1st rank, Extempore Competition in Youth Connect Programme, 2018, KIIT NSS Bureau
2.1st rank, Praglavya Public Speaking Event, 2018, Think India Bhubaneswar
Aditi Agrawal, Roli Verma, Ria Singh 2nd rank, Devhack Hackathon 2020, Developer Student Club, KIIT
Anjay Sahoo Paper published on “Homo Sapiens Sapiens Diabetes Mellitus Detection & Classification”, International Conference on Evolutionary Computing and Mobile Sustainable Networks, (ICECMSN 2020), Springer
Ritu 1) Star Performer(Rank-1) at Winter Training Program Machine Learning IITK, December 2019
2) Selected for the GirlScript The Uplift Project
Avishek Das 1)Won High Commendation Award for winning in Don Bosco School MUN, 2017,Guwahati
2)Project leader and Treasurer for Literacy and Sanitation Project under Rotaract Club  of Bhubaneswar Capital, 2020-2021,
Saraswati KIIT Merit Scholarship Award, 2017-2018, 3rd position in IT
Ekta Prakash 1st position in Smart India Hackathon (Group), 2019, Ministry of Employment and Labour
Shivangi Das 1. 3rd position, Kritarth dance competition, 2019, KIIT
2. Runner up, zara nachke dikha, Kiit fest 6.02019, KIIT
Camellia Sarkar 1st Rank in Dance, Korus, 2019
Arju Laur Ambika Acharjee, Arju Laur, Asmi Singh, Hasman Pedro, Diksha Sharma, Moumita Naskar –
1. 2nd Runners up, Konvoy Marathon (2018), KIIT.
2. 1st Runners-up, Konvoy Marathon (2019), KIIT.
3. Basketball- 1st position (2018), 1st position (2019), 1st position (2020)-Birla Global University.
4. Basketball-1st position (2020)-Silicon Institute of Technology.
5. Basketball-2nd position (2020)-IIIT Bhubaneswar.
Piyush Kumar 1st rank, Rocket singh (group), Kritarth, 2017
Prakriti Pandey 6th rank in khelo india university games 2020(swimming), organized by Sports Authority of India at KIIT
Megha Bansal Kiit merit Scholarship for 3rd position, 4th Sem, IT, 2019
Karuna Kumari BEST CADET SW ARMY, 2019, National Cadet Corps – Inter Group Competition NCC Camp, Bhubaneswar
Shivani 1. Won special mention prize for KIIT in State Level Symposium conducted by Samaja, Odisha in a group of Kronicle.
2. Won Second prize for nukkad performance at Sri Sri University in the team Kalalight.
Siddharth Raj 1st prize (group event) for street play for social awareness (kalakaar goonj), IIT Bhubaneswar
Shalini Roy 1) 1st position, Hindi Writing, KIIT FEST 2018
2) 2nd position, Hindi Writing, KIIT FEST 2019
Pratyush Kumar KIIT Merit Scholarship,  2019, 3rd Position, 6th Semester, KIIT
Anand Kumar Sahay Published a paper in Springer conference- INDIA 2019
Ankita KIIT Merit Scholarship award, 2018-2019,1st position in 6th semester, KIIT
Hitesh Patnaik Runners up in backyard cricket event, 2019, KIITFEST 6.0.
Shamit Roy Chowdhury, Ravi Pratap Singh, Supratim Sircar and Anurup Dey Odisha state-level winners #1 in NASA Space Apps Challenge 2019.
(participated in the national level held at Noida)
M.Adib Naal Organizer in Aleppo University contest, Aleppo
Abhilash Chowdhary 1. 1st Runner-up in SBI YONO QUIZ, 2019
Abhilash Chowdhary, Reetam Nandi, Adamya Digpal
2. 1st Runner-up in LAUNCHPAD 2K18
3. 1st Runner up in Intra-University Quiz, 2018 – Abhilash Chowdhary, Reetam Nandi
Shyamak Anand 1. Music, Duet, 2020, 1st Prize in Korus Week, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar
2. Music, Solo, 2019, 2nd Prize in Xpression’s, XIMB, Bhubaneswar
3. Music, Group, 2020, 2nd Prize in Advaita, IIT Bhubaneswar, Bhubaneswar
4. Music, Group, 2019, 2nd Prize in Spring Fest, IIT Kharagpur, Kharagpur
5. Music, Group, 2019, 2nd Prize in Orion, Shri Shri University, Cuttack
6. Music, Group, 2019, Finalist in Asia’s largest Cultural Event, MOOD INDIGO ’19, IIT Bombay
7. Music, Group, 2019, Honorary Mentioned in KIIT FEST, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar
Niyati Tiwari 1) 1st prize in IIT BBSR Fest, Nukkad natak, Group- Kartavya, 2020, Bhubaneswar.
2) 1st prize in Fashion walk, Kostumbre ,Kritarth, Group- Mirrors, 2019, KIIT, Bhubaneswar.
3) Runners up in KIITFEST, Nukkad “Dekh Tamasha Dekh”, Group- Kartavya, 2019, KIIT, Bhubaneswar.
4) Runners up in IIIT BBSR Fest Alma Fiesta, Nukkad, Group- Kartavya, 2020, Bhubaneswar.
Prasun Kumar Man of the match(MoM), LOC cricket tournament, 2019.
Kousani Sarkar KIIT Merit Scholarship, 2018-2019, 2nd position.
Kumari Varsha Singh 1)Black Belt in karate(2014)
2)Gold In inter-University basket ball championship ( twice) at BGU (2017,2018)
3)Gold in basketball championship at SOA(2018)
4)Student achievers award from KIIT on republic day(2020).
Sakshi Jha Chairperson of project Rotaract RID -3262,2020
Shubham Soni 1.2nd rank, East -zonal inter university, 2017, KIIT(volleyball)
2.3rd rank, East -zonal inter university,2018,KIIT(volleyball)
3.4th rank, East -zonal inter university,2019,KIIT(volleyball)
4.1st rank, Chiasma inter college,2020,AIIMS(volleyball)
5.2nd rank, Silicon fest, inter college, 2020, SIT(volleyball)
Subhangi Swain, Ritwik Mohanty, Manish Panda and Subhasmita Nayak Winners, “Makovation”, KIIT e-cell, 2018
Bhaskar Banerjee 1)2nd place, Kiit Esports, COUNTER STRIKE GLOBAL OFFENSIVE, 2019
2)2nd place, Korus week, group event( band music).
3) Editor to the book With Love, Ralph by Aditya Atmakuri and published by The Write Order.
Rupsa Banerjee KIIT Merit Scholarship twice, individual, 2018 and 2019, 4th and 2nd ranks(respectively), KIIT SCSE
Dibyajyoti Sahu Founding member, Kodachrome, Bhubaneswar.
Basundhara Kumar Awarded Shilpa Ratna by Sarbabharatiga Sangeet -O Sanskriti Parishad in Fine Arts.
Nancy Singh Open source contributer in GirlScript 2020 for Crop/AI modelling
Subhasree Karan 1. Awarded KIIT merit scholarship for 1st Semester 3 times
2. Participated and presented 2 papers in the International Conference on Industry Interactive Innovations in Science, Engineering and Technology (13SET2K19), 2019.
Shubham Kumar Sahu Winner, Smart India Hackathon, 2019, Chennai
Rajlaxmi Bakshy Degree for completing 5th year in Odissi Dance under Chandigarh University by Pracheen Kala Kendra, 2019
Vaibhaw Scholarship for getting 10 CGPA in 1st Semester 2018 in KIIT
Apporv Jaiswal finalist of build for digital india(Google)
Ayush R Tripathi One of the 10 teams from India to be selected for John Hopkins University Covid-19 Design Challenge.
Gaurav Kumar 1. Runners Up in DEKH TAMASHA DEKH Event(Group), KIITFEST 6.O, 2019
2. Kritarth Got Talent Winners(Group) in Kritarth 4.O, 2019
3. Winners in Nukkad Natak Event(Group), IIT BHUBANESWAR, 2020
4. Runners up in Nukkad Natak Event (Group), IIIT, 2020
Sk Tousif Bakkar Won bronze in Kickboxing, All India University Nationals for 2 consecutive years, 2018,2019
Subham Char Secured 2nd position at “Code Venture” organized by School of Computer Engineering at KIITFEST 6.0,2019
Cherie Vartika Stephen 1st rank in Instant Photography at KIIT-Fest 2019.
Vishal Kumar,Devraj Sahu, Rajatv Dutta, Aindril Kar 10th in the university hub, Google Hashcode, 2019
Shivani Published research paper titled “Third Eye for Visually Impaired”, International conference on Emerging trends and advances in electrical engineering and renewable energy ,2020
Prachi Jha KIIT Merit Scholarship (2nd Branch Topper)
Pratik Agarwala Member of winning team at KIIT (selected for international regionals), Hult Prize Regionals Qualifier, 2020
Abhishek Agarwal, Nithin Pradeep, Kajal Yadav, Akash Kumar Nayak, Apoorv Jaiswal Finalists in “Build for Digital India” event, conducted by Google and Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.
(Finals yet to be held)
Raksha Lohumi 1. Student Marketeer in Red Bull India, individual, 2020,best city launch in India (for Odisha), Red Bull India, Pune.
2. 1st runner up(ramp walk and QnA round), Alma Fiesta(fashion show),2019,  IIT Bhubaneswar.
3. 2nd runner up(ramp walk and QnA round), Alma Fiesta(fashion show), 2017,  IIT Bhubaneswar, Bhubaneswar.
Ritwika Pal 1. Finalist(Top 11) in Quarantine Hackfest by MSPC KIIT, April 2020, Microsoft Student Partner Club KIIT, Kolkata.

2. Finalist(Top 12) in DevHack Hackathon by DSC KIIT, May 2020, Ranked No. 11, Developer Student Club KIIT, Kolkata.

Tushar Srivastava 2nd PRIZE in Mirror Maze, KIITFEST 2019
Harshita Arya 1. Mozillian of the Month, 2019.

2. Selected for Google Summer of Code, 2019, among 1199 students worldwide, Google and Online

3. Shortlisted for training at ISRO, Individual, traiing was given to 24 students all over India in the field of Deep Learning in Astronomy, PRL ISRO Ahmedabad

Rajashree Shambhu Khandelia KIIT MERIT SCHOLARSHIP, 2020, 1st Rank in CSCE
Ria Dash 1. Published a paper titled “A Detailed Analysis of Data Security Issues in Android Devices” in Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communication Technologies; Volume-38: ICICI-2019, Springer), 2019

2. Published a paper titled “Critical Analysis of Internet of Things Application Development Platform” in Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communication Technologies; Volume-38: ICICI-2019, Springer), 2019

3. First Runner-Up at Lafz- the Open Mic by Konvoy 3.0 (a 2019 NSS initiative), KIIT, 2019

4. Winner of Special Mention in Journalism for the International Press at KIIT International Model United Nations- 2018, KIIT

5. First Runner-Up at Extempore in NSS Smart City Programme- 2018, KIIT, 2018        (Government of India) and KISS (Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences), Bhubaneswar

6. English Editor in Kritika and Kirti- the Annual Student’s Magazine of KIIT

7. Mentor at KIIT Wordsmith- the KIIT Literary Society

Adri Banerjee Qualified for Virtual Presentation Round (Semi-final), Hero Campus Challenge Season 5,Hero Moto-Corp, 2019-2020.
Chandan Kumar Singh Played cricket under 19 Nationals, Team, Gurgaon region,2016, Qualified for SGFI,Kendriya Vidyalaya, Punjab
Shrawani Singh KIIT Merit Scholarship, First position, 3rd Semester
KIIT Merit Scholarship, Third position, 4th Semester
Krishnendu Kundu Actor in Nukkad Natak Kartavya
1st prize in Nukkad Natak,IIT BBSR. 2019
2nd prize in Nukkad Natak,IIIT BBSR. 2019
2nd prize in Nukkad Natak, KIIT FEST, 2019
Avni Malviya 2nd rank in Kolloseum, Kritarth 5.0.